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A lot of people must to attendance Spain. If you don’t attendance Madrid before, you need to do it. The Kingdom of Spain – it is one of the lands which situated in southwest part of European Union.
Spain it is the country which compounds in EU and  North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
There are a lot of well-known places in The Kingdom of Spain. Among them: Madrid – the capital of The Kingdom of Spain, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville.
Every year a lot of travellers visit different towns in Spain. Despite for weather conditions, guests from Asia, China, Canada like to spend time in this nation.
However, Spain is warm Kingdom, that is why the temp in Februar does not drop below 10 ° C. As this nation located in Europe, a lot of visitors from Germany choose to be in Kingdom of SPain in the December too.
The reason consists there are a lot of free tickets and probable to buy tickets from Poland to Madrid from 10 euros. You can use companies like Wizzair or Ryanair and get on low seats.
In Madrid there are a lot of guesthouse, hostels and apartment’s.
To look on datas about them you may chance at, on web-site are a lot of necessary materials saona restaurant in valencia address  about entertainments or other infrastructure in different Spanish cities.
If the weather is evil, you can go to museums. By the way, in Barca there are a lot of popular museums, like as: The Picasso museum; The museum house of Gaudi; The military museum of Barcelona and etc.
When you be ready to fly to the capital of the Spain, you must be going on for night places in the capital of Spain.
They are very famous today and everybody of them have their topic. Nightclubs are very famous in Valencia and Seville too. By the reason, in Valencia the main of night places are as restaurants. But a lot of folk like to spent their time there.
If you be in need to make purchases in Kingdom of Spain, you have chance find information about magazines. We recommend to go to complex “El Corte Ingles” in Barcelona, where you can make buying’s a lot of goods for different rates. Need to say, that in Madrid there a lot of discounts in Winter.